New Format for the 2016 Worlds

During the World Council meetings in Mulwala Australia the 2016 Worlds where appointed to the Blue Moo site of the Heller family in Wisconsin. Since the format we have been running is only working with two lakes it was decided that the following criteria must be met for future World Championships: Worlds shall be able to run on a single lake site. Worlds should take no longer then 6 days.

Worlds should be sustainable for years to come.

Worlds shall stay combined event for all age divisions.

A team event shall also in the future be part of the Worlds.

Participation of senior ladies has to increase.

The new format the Worlds shall be shorter more action packed and way easier to follow.Running it on one lake will also make it a lot easier to webcast the event and it will reduce the amount of people needed to run the event which makes the Worlds a way more affordable event to operate. There is a lot of discussion ongoing so I am sure we will see more improvements to the format in the years to come. But for now read below.

This is what is decided:

Elimination round:

There will be 3 elimination rounds; senior, Junior and open. Each skier will ski only one elimination round. Skiers that cross enter (so ski in their age division and open) will have to choose no later then 30 days before the event in which elimination round they will ski. The score from that elimination round will then also be used as a qualifying score of the other division he or she is registered for.


There will be no longer 3 rounds. The finals will be taken right out of the elimination round and the amount of skiers qualifying for finals depends on the amount of partisipants. If there is less entries then 8 in a division there will be no elimination round but it will be finals right away. Before the cut of for semi finals was the 9th seated team skier, this will be changed as well and it will be the 9th skier no matter if he/she is team skier or independent.


Not a lot has been changed to the team event. Only changes are that all skiing counts for the team event. So if a skier qualifies for finals also that score will be used for the team. So if a skier skies in open and age division, the elimination round score can be used for both divisions and finals scores can only be used for the division its skied in. So if you for example trick 4000 in the elimination round and qualify both for juniors and open finals then you trick 3500 in junior finals and 5000 in open finals. In that case your elimination round score will be used for the junior team but for the open team your finals score will be used.

Number of rounds:

2 if there are more then 8 entries in the event, in case there is last there will be just one round which is finals . Entries All definitive entries shall be in no later than 30 days prior to the start of the Championships. Late entries will pay 10USD per skier per day they are late. Skiers that enter late will be seated and be in the beginning of the start list on every event they ski.

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