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E&A Championship History

 In 1976 the first E&A Championships were Held at Princes Cliu (GBR). Mike Thomas (GBR) and Penny Lowden (GBR) became the first E&A Champions

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Only two years after the first E&A Championships, the European

Challenge Serie was created. Initially planned to give skiers the opportunity to meet themselves more often than during World and E&A Championships only, it was also the possibility for countries to organise international events.

These history archives have been collected and assembled by Philippe Poyet from France. Philippe took on this task all on his own. There was no request or mandate from the WBC. In fact, the WBC has never even been required to give any input to this project. Philippe gathers all of the information; Photos, Logos, Results, Officials and the rest all on his own. As you look over these great archives I am sure you will appreciate just how much dedication and effort has gone into keeping this history going.

From all of us in this great sport around the World we THANK YOU!


E&A Skier of the Year

E&A Barefooters of the year 2013

The E&A Barefoot Council selected and congratulates Kenneth Eisler (GER) and Shianne Adrinall (SA) as E&A Barefooter of the Year 2013. Congratulations to both athletes!

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