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E&A Championships 2014 Wallsee Austria.

Great E&A Championships in Wallsee Austria behind us:

The Europeans in Austria where one to never forget. with great skiing, super ambiance and big crowds especially during the Night jump. The local organisers did a fantastic job turning this years Europeans into a nice event. with good food at the side every day, good crowds at night jump and on the finals day, good boats and of course a good PA system to keep the audience informed on what was happening on the water. All skiing was live streamed to the internet something we plan to do for every E&A championships from now on. A small down side was hat we did not get instant scoring working because of bad internet connection in the office complex, but we will improve on that in the future as well. Our new open Champions are: Stefan Wimmer and Svenja Hemplemann. New Junior Champions are: Kenneth Eissler and Jacky Kirsch and the Winner of the senior trophy was Evert Aartsen Sr.  The night jump event was attracting a huge crowed and they where literally jumping up and down from excitement at some stage we saw the wave move though the crowds. The night jump event was won by Evert Aartsen Jr.

All results will be posted here: Wallsee results 

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Open men top 3 Overall: 1 Stefan Wimmer 2 Evert Aartsen Jr 2 Clement Maillard

Live feed: stay updated on streaming times at the E&A facebook page.

Preparations for the E&A’s have started.

The Organizers of the E&A Championships in Wallsee Austria with in the lead the Wimmer Family have sterted to build up for the coming Championships. The whole last week the official E&A clinic has been held there under the wings of E&A Champion Stefan Wimmer. Lots of young talents from around Europe where there learning from the best. Since all these skiers are there and not all can ski the E&A’s (some not qualified others did not make the team and some just did not get registered by their federation) The Austrian Federation has decided to organise an extra competition called the best off the rest so skiers that have trained in Austria can test in practise what they have learned and at the same time be there and meet all there hero’s who are skiing the E&A’s. Great initiative of Austria. Skiers start arriving now and the little town of Wallsee will be once again a Barefoot town for a week.

10550884_1492531277653072_1573770917362264541_nBuilding up for the E&A’s in Wallsee.

More info about the 2014 E&A’s in Wallsee you find:  Here

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