Barefoot Waterskiing

Barefoot water skiing has a competitive aspect which is very established. In traditional competition, there are three events:

Tricks – The skier has two passes of 15 seconds to complete as many different tricks as possible. All tricks have specific point values depending on difficulty. The skier also is awarded points for the start trick they performed to get up.

Slalom – The skier has two passes of 15 seconds to cross the wake as many times are possible. The skier can cross the wake forwards or backwards and on two feet or one foot. The world record was set by Keith St. Onge in 2006 (20.6).

Jump – The skier travels over a small, fiberglass jump ramp. They have three jumps and the longest one successfully landed counts. Professionals can jump as far as 90 feet (27.4 meters) and the world record of 29.9 meters (98.1 feet) was set by David Small.



Some other barefoot competitions feature endurance events.

Figure 8 – Two skiers on opposite sides of the wake ski while the boat drives in the pattern of a figure 8. The skier who is the last one standing wins.

Team Endurance – This is a race between a variety of teams. Each team has a boat and the skiers take turns skiing. This generally takes place on a long river, where race distances can be up to about 45 miles. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

The newest form of Barefoot competition is an event which brings together all three events Tricks, Slalom and Jump into a single set.

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