Clement Mailard

6. Clement Mailard France

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Nationality: Clement Maillard

Age: 22

Residency: Paris

Ski club:  ASM Ski Nautique


Personal Records

Trick Record: 6100

Slalom Record: 15

Jump: 22.1

Major titles: European Champion 2011 (overall, tricks), European Champion 2010 (jump) French National Champion since 2006

Favourite food: Beef, cheese and the famous French Baguette

Favorite drink: Beer and Coke (with Whisky)

Favorite movie: Braveheart/300

Your idol when you where a kid: Patrick Wehner

Your idol now: My Dad


I’m 22 and I practice barefooting since I’m 6, I’m in the french team since 2002. In the real life still I study Osteopathy. Barefooting is a huge part of my life that followed me over the years, I get involved into it when I was a kid trying to do like everyone in my family (Waterskiing) but I just missed the skis… On the first try I lost the skis and never put it back. I keep skiing thanks to a few poeple like my parent’s that ever helped me as much as possible to succed, Patrick Whyte that learned me to Barefoot, Bruno Giacuzzo and Hilmar Wehner coach me for many years, and Patrice Beekandt now that is my ski mate and friend. It have been hard to manage between school, friends and barefooting during years and years but passion have been stronger than everything that could make stop but I still love it. Since 2009 I’m part of team WBC that helped me to increase my performances through European titles and keep the flame we all have for this sport.


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