Evert Jr

4. Evert Aartsen Jr. Finland

Top Pro Athlete biography

Nationality: Evert Aartsen Jr

Age: 18

Residency: Finland

Ski club: Kokkola Barefooters


Personal Records

Trick Record: 5700

Slalom Record: 15

Jump: 23.5

Major titles: World Junior Jump Champion 2012, European Open Jump Champion 2013, Scandinavian open Champion 2013, Finnish Champion 2013, Junior European Overall Champion 2012

Favourite food: Macaroni

Favorite drink: Cola

Favorite movie: Sel8nne

Your idol when you where a kid: My dad

Your idol now: Not my Dad anymore ha ha

Bio: Evert Jr grew up with Barefoot. As a little boy he was living in Florida where his dad (also Evert Aartsen)ran a water ski school and was out in the boat looking at barefooting everyday. He played with handles and by the age of 4 he was doing complete trick runs on the dry land but had no interest to try skiing on the water. at the age of six he made his first steps to becoming a barefooter and skied his first meters on the boom. It stayed to playing around until he was 12 and that time already living back in Finland. Dave Small came for a clinic in July and Evert decided that if Dave comes he had to be better then he was at that time, and out of no where suddenly started training. Since then the barefoot bug got him and he has more or less dedicated his life to skiing. He trains with his dad on a private lake in Finland every day during the summer and tries to make it out the Florida and the WBC at least once a year.  It has so far led him to a Junior jump World title, several Junior E&A titles and the E&A open jump title, and if its up to him there plenty more to come.


Sponsors: Intensity Wetsuits, Charger Composites, Kokkola Sports club, World Barefoot Center, Kokkola city, Pipelife, Atta promotion

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