3. Stefan Wimmer Austria

Top Pro Athlete biography

Nationality: Stefan Wimmer

Age: 22

Residency: Mauer Austria

Ski club: 1. Österrreichischer Wasserskiverband


Personal Records

Trick Record: 8550

Slalom Record: 14.4

Jump: 25.3

Major titles:  2011 European open jump Champion. 2012 European open Tricks, Jump and Overall Champion. 2013 Southern regional Int. Jump Champion, European Open Tricks and Overall Champion. Austrian overall Champion since 2010

Favourite food: Lasagna

Favorite drink: Fruit shake

Favorite movie: Transformers

Your idol when you where a kid: Bruce Lee

Your idol now: David Small


How I started Barefooting!!
My dad was also a Barefooter. So when I was a little kid, I was always with him and my older brother in the boat.

We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed to be with my family on the boat. When I was 6 years old, I started to play around on the boom.

I skied whenever I desired to ski. Sometimes I wanted to learn something new and sometimes I just played around.

In this time I did also a lot of other sports like soccer, skateboarding, trampolining and some more. I liked to do so many different sports and barefooting was always a part of these sports.

When I was 9 years old, I skied my first tournament in Italy (Albarella) and it was amazing for me. I was a little bit nervous to miss the start, but I made it so I was really happy.

Since then I skied every year a view competitions, but just for fun and Barefoot was like a big hobby for me.

My brother was always an ideal for me because he skied very good and I wanted to ski like he did. He trained hard and was focused on Barefoot.

In 2003 he won the junior slalom world championship and I was so proud of him.

From this point Barefooting got more and more interesting for me. With 15 years I did competitions in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy… and I love to travel around and do everywhere in the world Barefoot competitions.

I stopped playing soccer and from this time my focus was on Barefooting.

When I watched at competitions professional barefooters, I wanted to be like them and trained more and more. This was my incentive.

Now I am proud to be part of the WBC – Team were I can ski and train with the best Barefooters all over the world.

I love it.


World Barefoot Center
Raiffeisen Bank
Sportland Niederösterreich

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