2. Steffi Kirsh Germany

Top Pro Athlete biography

Nationality: Steffi Kirsh

Age: 44

Residency: Trier Germany

Ski club: WSC Schweish-issel


Personal Records

Trick Record: 1810

Slalom Record: 12

Jump: 12.6

Major titles: 16 European titles (3 times overall),Current European jump Champion and World Jump Champion 1988

Favourite food: Brocolli, Spagetti and Salad

Favorite drink: White wine and water

Favorite movie: none

Your idol when you where a kid: none

Your idol now: none

Bio: After a break of 10 years to build a family, the 1988 World Jump champion made her comeback at the 2010 World Championships in here Home country Germany. Her comeback can be named successful as she right away won the silver jump medal in the 35 and over class. Since then she has been winning the German title overall in 2011 and 2 gold and a bronze medal at the 35 and over Worlds in Waco Texas and she continues to win medals and enjoy the sport.



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