2. Garth Strydom South Africa

Top Pro Athlete biography

Nationality: Garth Strydom

Age: 22

Residency: Bloemfontein, Free state, South Africa

Ski club: Free State Ski club


Personal Records

Trick Record: 9650

Slalom Record: 17.2

Jump: 23.4

Major titles: 2006 World Junior Championships Gold with Team South Africa, 2007 Junior E&A Championships Gold in Jump, Slalom, Tricks, Overall and team. 2008 Junior World Championships Gold with team South Africa. E&A junior Championships, Tricks gold, slalom gold, overall gold and team gold. 2011 South African Champion Slalom, Jump, Tricks and overall. 2012 South African Champion tricks, jump and overall.

Favourite food: Sushi

Favorite drink: Cream soda

Favorite movie: Last Vegas

Your idol when you where a kid: Keith St Onge

Your idol now: Keith St Onge


I started skiing when I was 4 years old ,started skiing in tournaments when I was 6 always just did it with no intention to get somewhere in the sport ,until I was 12 when I was 12 I took it more serious and two years later I found my self selected for the SA junior team since then my skiing career kicked off and was well on my way. I was very fortunate to have skied and trained with the best in the sport growing up and they always drove me to new hights in my own goals



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