10. Jean Marie Poncey France

Top Pro Athlete biography 

Nationality: French

Age: 50

Residency: Aix En Provence

Ski club: La Med


Personal Records

Trick Record: 4180

Slalom Record: 13.2

Jump: 17.9


Major titles: Senior European Champion, silver in the French open.

Favourite food: Everything my wife makes

Favorite drink: Perrier

Favorite movie: none

Your idol when you where a kid: none

Your idol now: My daughters


Hello everybody and thank you to take the time to read this story

I discover Barefoot 20 years ago during holidays in club Med and I became crazy !!!

Quickly , I had the opportunity to go to Florida with Thierry Atruz from Barefoot style and Mike Seipel and it was like a dream for me ! Toe hold, back deep, one foot , I thought I was the best ….

When I went in my first tournament , I discovered I was the best of my house …

After a lot of training ( and specially with David Small) , I’m now in the top ten in Europe and I ‘m very proud … All my family support me and I can say barefoot is an important part of our family life !

I wish this pleasure to everybody.

I’m fifty and I want to improve like a junior


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