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1. David Small Great-Britain

Top Pro Athlete biography

Nationality: David Small

Age: 30

Residency: USA (skies for UK)

Personal Records

Trick Record: 13150

Slalom Record: 19.9

Jump: 29.9

Major titles: 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2012 World Overall Champion. 2005 World games Champion. Current World trick and jump record holder

Favourite food: Sushi, Chipotle and Indian curry

Favorite drink: Depends on the occasion

Favorite movie: Monte Python and the holy Grail

Your idol when you where a kid:  Ron Scarpa

Your idol now:  Not Ron Scarpa anymore 🙂


I started skiing when I was about 7 years old as my parents wanted myself and my brother to get in to sport that the family could do together. We bought a 15 foot boat with a 70hp motor and skied on a local reservoir as much as we could in any water condition (usually white caps). At the age of 12 I had seen a couple of guys bare footing on the lake so I gave it a go. I started on a kneeboard behind the boat in choppy water and kept trying until I could stand up and ski for a few seconds. I had also got involved in 3 event skiing and through that a local barefooter, Tim Hodgkins, found me and took me under his wing and taught me all of the basics forwards and backwards barefooting as well as going down to London to ski with Clive Wilsdon who was the GB team coach. When I was 13 I gained some sponsorship and i was sent out to Florida for 2 weeks of training at Ron Scarpas ski school where I learned relatively quickly. I also went over to Italy to do some jump training with Bart Sileghem who taught me how to jump longline inverted. When I was 15 (1999) I went to Texas and Won the Junior World Championships and then went on to win my first Open World Championships in 2002 at the age of 18 in Austria. After this I spent the next 4 years in University in Nottingham (won 2004 Worlds in Australia) and then after graduation I moved over to Clermont, Fl where I opened my own Barefoot Water ski school called SkiSmall I ran my own school for 2 years at which point Keith St Onge and Swampy Bouchard came and asked if I would be interested in joining ski schools with them. We had numerous meetings and then formed the Ski School World Barefoot Center (WBC) which has worked out better than any of us every imagined. I moved down to Winter Haven, Fl when we joined schools and I have been there now for over 3 years and loving it. I think that any barefooters out there have a personality where you do extreme sports and I am for sure one of those people. Ive had race bikes and been on a lot of track days and race schools for motorbiking. I got in to sky diving, went through the course, in the tunnel and jumped out of planes around the World while I have been on my barefooting travels and I will continue to look for the next adrenaline filled sport to try. Throughout my skiing career (pretty much the whole of my life) my parents have been AMAZING!!!!!! They have supported anything that I have wanted to do and have been there for me the whole way and continue to help me out even now….. I cannot thank them enough for everything that they have done and continue to do. Love you both!! They do now have a good retirement plan in Florida with me and in the Caribbean as my brother has a ski school down in Turks and Caicos 🙂  

Sponsors: Evinrude Outboards, Masterline, World Barefoot Center, Prime Chiropractic care and Barefoot international

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